GameStash wants to make it easier for game developers to succeed in gaming. We think subscription based mobile gaming is the best way for gamers to experience mobile games.


GAMESTASH is a premium brand in the mobile gaming space backed by some of the biggest mobile tech media partners.

40M Audience

We will get you exposure to 40M potential customers via our media partners.


We will market your games with our experience in all our channels.


We will leverage our network of social media influencers and authorities to talk about your games.

IP Ownership

You own your IP and keep full control.

No Development

You don't need to do any special development work to publish on our platform.


We look for developers and games that we and our audience can love playing.

Who does GameStash
already publish?

How do I apply

We're always looking for great games. If you have a game that would be a great fit, let us know. We will review and get back to you generally within 5-7 business days, if interested.


Will my game be exclusively sold on gamestash.com?

We want games to succeed across all gaming platforms, including but not limited to GameStash. GameStash is powered by Appland, who can provide developers even more reach via their agreements with international independent and mobile operator app stores.

What kind of terms do you take?

It varies a bit, but we generally take a rev-share in exchange for marketing, distribution, funding and support. We will work with you to find the right model for your game.

Do I need to release a cross-platform and DRM-free copy of my game?

No. We adapt your game to our Appland-powered DRM solution.